Grind & Be Grateful

“Grind & Be Grateful” is more than a podcast title or catchy slogan– it’s a way of life–  and Marie Wold is here to show you the ropes. This show is created by and for ambitious women who are living proof that with hard work, and the right mindset, absolutely anything is possible.

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Who is Marie Wold?

Marie Wold is a 23 year-old health and fitness influencer, coach, and lifestyle entrepreneur, whose mission is to educate and empower women to become their best selves. Through every season of life, Marie has learned the truth about what it takes to be happy, healthy, and vibrant, and she’s committed to sharing her best secrets and strategies with YOU.

Recent Episodes

032: The Best Diet for 2019 with Registered Dietitian, Kara Corey

Kara really specializes in providing science-based, accurate nutrition information for the fitness community, and she does so through her YouTube channel, Kara Corey Fit Life, where she has a dietitian talk series, documents her competition preps, and shares tons of healthy recipes and lifestyle tips. She has over 100k subscribers, and for good reason, because Kara truly knows her stuff! So in this interview, Kara and I covered a TON of topics, but the standouts to me were: breaking down where to start if you’re overwhelmed with nutrition, how to make healthy eating a truly enjoyable lifestyle, and how we can pursue physical health AND mental health at the same time.

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030: How To Get Fit While Eating Your Favorite Foods with Lynette Hoyle

After struggling with finding her own balance with fitness and nutrition, Lynette finally found a solution to END yoyo dieting, hours of cardio, and soul-sucking guilt and now her passion is to help other women do the same. She’s sharing all of her wisdom with us today, and I’m so thankful for the work she’s doing in the fitness industry!

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